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Located in Dunedin, New Zealand, Etrusco at the Savoy has been one of the city’s most well-established, popular Italian restaurants for 20 years. Owner-operated, with authentic Italian heritage.

Federico and Meegan Gianone arrived in Dunedin having purchased Etrusco at the Savoy with their two small boys and a lot of hope, energy and enthusiasm.

They found it to be a nerve-racking time as they put all they owned into this venture - so it had to work. Over the years, they have dedicated all of their time to the restaurant, and it is paying off now.

Both sons Rion and Zane have bought shares and it has truly become family owned and operated.They all have their roles and they mix well together.

All in all, the combined ingredients of four individuals have created a busy, buzzing, exciting, popular Italian pizzeria and spaghetteria.
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Etruscans were a people who settled in Etruria (present day Tuscany, Umbria and Latium) in Italy shortly after the Trojan War, around 1000 BC. The historical importance of the Etruscans lies in their influence on early Rome, especially during the 500's BC when Rome itself grew from a village to a city and became prosperous and powerful. Traditional Tuscan cuisine goes back three thousand years and is based on a love of wine, freshly pressed olive oil and bread. Tuscany remains very much a civilisation in which wine is not just a drink but a flavouring and an ingredient, a solace and a boon!
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Phone: +64 3-477 3737
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Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

Centrally located between Toronto's Financial and Entertainment Districts, this luxury hotel offers an indoor pool, hot tub and on-site restaurant. An iPad is featured in all the guest rooms.

Boasting a city view, each room at Shangri-La Hotel Toronto is equipped with a 46-inch LCD TV. A Nespresso coffee machine and minibar are provided. Each bathroom is appointed with a soaking tub or glass-enclosed shower.

Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, the Shangri-La Hotel’s fitness centre includes training equipment as well as a yoga studio. An infrared sauna is also accessible. Refreshments are available at the Health Club’s juice bar.

Showcasing international cuisine with a focus on Asian dishes, Bosk Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel also features 2 on-site bars.
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Let's celebrate

We have successfully planned and executed parties for companies and individuals across a wide range of industries and needs, and guarantee to make your next event a memorable one.
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About MGM

Stop by MGM today for a coffee, a Gyro or a casual evening of Meze and wine with friends and family. At MGM we bring the flavours of Greece to you.
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Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Friday: Dinner from 5.30pm
Saturday: Lunch (from midday) and dinner (from 6.30pm)
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